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If you're waiting for a crisis to occur before hiring a public relations firm, consider this: public relations can help prevent that crisis and will probably save your business thousands of dollars in overtime fees that accompany crisis control.

Here's what we do to help you and your company cultivate the right relationships and achieve your objectives.

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PR IQ Test


  1. There's no reason to tell the PR firm what our objective is, since the only service we need right now is a brochure.
  2. A company that has good management never needs to worry about a crisis.
  3. Private and public companies should develop a system of communicating with the publics they affect.
  4. If our company throws enough money at advertising, our credibility problem should vanish.
  5. Public relations works like an insurance policy that builds trust over time to protect a company's reputation and market standing.


  1. FALSE. When you share your management objective with your PR firm, even a brochure becomes more focused and effective.
  2. FALSE. Every company should prepare for two types of crises: those that occur from within an organization and those instigated by outside forces such as angry customers, local environmental groups, terrorists or bad weather.
  3. TRUE. An ongoing dialogue can build credibility over time.
  4. FALSE. Advertising delivers a message but advertising alone does not build credibility.
  5. TRUE. Companies with strong PR programs measure public perception and take action to shape that perception so that it enhances market share.